Sandy Bay to Oudeschip Peninsula Shipwreck

I had every intention to go rock-climbing after this hike but alas, I fell ill 😦 I really really really really really want to go rock-climbing!  But this blog is supposed to be about our Shipwreck hike so here we go…(3 days after the fact hehe)

This hike is one of my favourite easy hikes to do.  The scenery absolutely stunning and the shipwreck is made for adventure!  It’s not often that we hike this side of Cape Town as it’s so ‘far’ from the normal trails and also its bloomen hot once the sun hits.

23 of us met at Constantia Nek at 6:45am but as we were about to carpool to our next destination, 4 had to turn back due to a family funeral 😦 so 19 pax, 7:30am Eustegia Way, Sandy Bay to Shipwreck ETA 1pm was checked into Mountain Tracking and Safety.  My sweeper bailed on me even though he confirmed just last week that he was going to join so Aunty Mariam said she will sweep together with Zaynu – who said the day before that she was going to run the Kloof Nek classic lol.  Was so chuffed that my cousins joined as well ^_^


With so many newbies, I give them the rules.  Rule number 1 – we hike as a group.  If anyone goes ahead, I will consider them not part of my group and will not be responsible for them as the beginners are my responsibility.  This hike is for them and they too want to feel part of the group as a whole.  Rule number 2 – NO LITTERING!  If you litter, you are not allowed on my hikes again.  Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. Picking flowers/fynbos is not allowed but do have fun lol and don’t kill any snakes or lizards or spiders lol

Photo Cred – Sumaya

Anyway, up the brick road we go with kids excitedly ahead but not before taking a group photo at the signboard.  I tell some that we will be doing the 6.5hour coastal route but told them I’m kidding.  I personally won’t take anyone on that route.  I will join others, but me leading others on that route?  Big NO!  I will only go as far as the Bos 400 and that’s where I’m taking my non easy group next ^_^

But I digress!  Need to stay on topic here lol.  I’m leading at an easy pace and give the group a chance to take photos and carry on when they are done.  It’s basically a flat route so we hike as one group.  Even though I am leading, I of course can’t help but take photos and remind the kids that are leading to always stay within eyesight.  I chat to the newbies as I catch up with the leaders again.


They are all focused on what’s ahead that they didn’t even check what’s behind them and told them to stop! Look what you are missing! Of course lots of photos and selfies ensued ^_^  Also explained to the more experienced hikers that I would love to take them up Suther Peak.  The views from there is tear-inducing beautiful!   Just to Suther Peak will be too short so maybe over to Karbonkelberg for some WW2 ruins ^_^


Oh yes!  Mountain biker with his dog passed us.  Uhm I don’t think I recall reading that mountain bikers are allowed on this path?  I go check the pic at the signboard and yup!  He was not supposed to be there!  At least his dog was on leash though.

I don’t know why this pile of rocks are on the path but nevertheless its there and people add to it.  There was no need to regroup as we were hiking as one and I am pleased.   We got distracted by a heart and an arrow that someone made from the rocks so had to take several photos of course.

Down we go until the kids got excited by a ‘house’ and I take them on a little detour to go explore.  I assumed everyone would follow but alas, everyone is not as curious.  I explained what the ‘house’ actually was.  Yay history lesson lol.


Back on the path we go and carefully make our way down as it’s quite slippery with erosion.  Kids slipping a few times and keep reminding them to take it slow.  I wanted to take another detour closer to the bay but alas, that section was way too steep for the kids with all their slipping and falling so canned that idea.


Down the only scramble and we all assist each other and I am so very proud of them all!  I tell the newbies that this is hiking.  What you did on top was just walking haha.

We are once again distracted by a dead seal that died recently.  It looked alive but knew it was dead.  Poor seal 😦 Pass another boulder and another 2 rotting seals lay there.  It’s like they come there to die. The stench chased us away swiftly.  And that’s when I saw all the litter!  OMG It’s like where the litter come to die as well!  So many bottles!  Shoes and other plastic rubbish!  I picked up what I could and the other said there’s way more on the other side and no way could I pick it all up!  😦  I felt so defeated!  I wanted to cry T_T I honestly hope that it was not litter from hikers but what could be a cumulative ‘beach’ like Soetwater – the tide drops litter off on a daily basis.   I told the others to go ahead as the shipwreck was just ahead and I’ll be there pronto.

By the time I caught up with them, breakfast was already underway.  They were sitting in ‘cliques’ and jokingly asked them what apartheid is this?  There wasn’t a big enough spot to accommodate the entire group.  I offer each group koesiesters and sit a little bit by each of them and had of what they had to offer.

Breakfast done, I now take the kids to explore the shipwreck.  My cousin’s daughter was way too scared though but the boys jumped at the chance as their parents were nervous about them exploring on their own.  Soon the others joined when they saw it was safe with lots of photos to be taken.  Explore inside and outside the shipwreck until it was time to get on top ^_^  Remember this is an old rust bucket so not exactly safe as one of the boys joined me.  I do first feel for most secure areas before venturing further up J

Time to go as the rotting stench of the seals are permeating the area and we can’t get away soon enough!  Fortunately!  Nasheta had another bag for me to fill with even more bottles.  The group is way ahead of me again so had to hurry along to catch up with them.

When I sent out the notification that it is an easy flat hike and only one section to go down to the shipwreck, I neglected to tell them that what goes down, must go up again 😀  There is the option which isn’t really an option to go along the coast as that is much more exciting and adventurous with boulder hopping all the way but it is too strenuous for the beginner group and the biggest NO-NO is walking through the nudist colony.  I will not subject the kids to that.  I much prefer that route but alas I prefer not to see nudists lolz.

Now the complaining starts with the uphill.  Nasheta says that I love seeing her suffer and I tell her no.  I love to see her accomplish obstacles that she thinks she can’t do!  She says it’s because she doesn’t have a choice hehe.  Which is true ^_^  My cousin’s husband leg also pulled stiff which I tell him is better than Nasheta’s husband ( sorry Zaheer)  where on one of our hikes, both his legs pulled stiff on a flat route!

Finally back on the flat path and give them a chance to catch their breath before marching along.  Still taking photos of course.

I check out of tracking at 11:50 and quite chuffed with their time as I actually estimated 12:30 with 1pm for just in case ^_^


Really loved this hike guys!  Hope you guys did too and hope to see you on the next one ^_^

Until my next mountain adventure, thank you for reading and ciao for now.

PS – featured photo cred goes to Shameema


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