Solo Platteklip Hike

Oh how I miss winter! ย Saturday’s solo hike in the heat made me miss winter all the more. ย I want to hike in the rain damnit!, not only because we desperately need the rain but because hiking under the glaring sun sucks! and there’s less people on the mountain ๐Ÿ˜› I didn’t have time to … More Solo Platteklip Hike

Solo Trail Run โ€“ Constantia Nek to Newlands Carousel

So yesterday I decided itโ€™s time to do a longer trail run…and I ended up regretting it!ย  I have normally been sticking to 2 hours but I wanted to up it a bit to 3 hours.ย  I took 4 hours T_T Anyway, due to safety reasons, I only start trail running few minutes before sunrise … More Solo Trail Run โ€“ Constantia Nek to Newlands Carousel

Hiddingh Ascension

Ah yes, Hiddingh Ascension.ย  A B3+ graded route that doesnโ€™t get easier no matter how many times you do it.ย  Yesterday was no different.ย  Yesterday I didnโ€™t even have the energy to upload my photos onto Facebook never mind blogging about it! Yesterday, we hiked for 10 hours.ย  The rest of the group hiked 11 … More Hiddingh Ascension