Trail Run: Rhodes -> Newlands Carousel -> Abandoned Zoo -> Reservoir

Today I did a route I said I will never do solo.  Rhodes Memorial is a mugging hotspot but I wanted to go explore the old abandoned zoo and find the reservoir.  Instagram inspires a lot of exploration hehe. Find out more about the zoo here: Last I did a trail run was in … More Trail Run: Rhodes -> Newlands Carousel -> Abandoned Zoo -> Reservoir

Woody Buttress

For some reason I had a bout of Insomnia before the hike.  I tried so sleep, I prayed to sleep but I was just wide awake and alert.  If I wasn’t to lead this hike, I would have not gone as it is a B4 graded hike and I needed energy for this. As a … More Woody Buttress

Woodstock Cave

On our last easy hike, Woodstock Cave was decided upon even though I don’t usually repeat a route.  As there are lots of new people since  Volunteer Sanparks AWOL Ranger and I started this beginner group, I don’t really mind as it’s about sharing my love for the mountain with beginners regardless of the route. … More Woodstock Cave