Bos 400 Shipwreck

I absolutely love this hike!  (Which we did on Sunday).  It’s along the coast which makes for phenomenal views and as it’s not a well-known route, the chances of getting others along the path is slim J

The first time I did this route was with my club and we started in Hout Bay and ended up in Sandy Bay.  Bos400 Shipwreck: Bucket List: √

What we endured during that 7 hours, I will not chance taking others on that route but will definitely join another group should the opportunity arrive ^_^


Anyway, 7 of us met at Constantia Nek before carpooling to Estugia Way (as we did 2 weeks ago to Oudeskip Sandy Bay to Oudeschip Peninsula: Shipwreck )


And check in with Mountain Tracking and Safety at 6:30am with an ETA of 12pm.  Today my cousin and his wife joined us J  and I’m overdressed.  The weather forecast said thundershowers and South Easter winds *rolling my eyes* but the dark clouds with sunrise hued skies made for tear inducing beautiful scenery.

Even though I was on the same route just 2 weeks back, I still take a gazillion photos and as a result, I end up sweeping.  I do know that the leaders will wait at the turn-off, not knowing which way to go.   The heart shaped out of rocks is still there but someone dismantled the arrow and down we go.

Only now it started drizzling but not enough to take out our rain gear.


We of course have to take a group photo at the Lookout Hut and I’m leading until I am distracted by photos lol. So much so that I end up being alone and far behind. No biggie though as it’s a straightforward path with no deviation so the leaders won’t go astray but they do wait on me at certain points.

Also came across a Caracal Research monitor thingie.  I did not know that Caracals hang out this side of the mountain.  It’s to be expected I guess.  With their homes destroyed by fires and urban disturbances, they would go further out where they normally would for food.

Still the steady light drizzle hasn’t forced us to put on our rain gear.  Absolutely sublime hiking weather although the 12 Apostles looked ominous so guess those higher up are getting the brunt of the ‘storm’.

After some crawling and going down an eroded path, I slipped and my shin caught on a root which broke my fall.  I am still sporting the bruise ^_^  It’s been a while since I collected scars on a hike ^_^ An then Momeena slipped and fell on her buttocks at the same spot ^_^


Nearing the only spot which requires an awkward scramble, my cousin tells me that his wife is afraid of heights O_O what?!  You can’t tell me this now!  I tell myself, its ok, we can do this.  Faried is an excellent ‘assistant’ so we will get her up and down safely.  And we did ^_^ yay us!

I’m also distracted by picking up discarded plastic bottles so once again behind and when I heard them call out for me, I rushed along.

When I caught up with them, they are busy with a photo-shoot and give them time to do so before heading down to the Bos 400!

It also stopped drizzling lol.

Just a tad bit of info regarding the Shipwrecks.  The Maori stranded in 1909 and quite popular with scuba-divers and the bay is known as Maori Bay.  I have absolutely no idea where exactly it’s stranded.  The Bos 400 stranded in Duiker Point in 1994.  The Harvest Capella in 1996 in the now known Oudeschip Peninsula.

Right!  History lesson over and back to more adventures!  Now, the thing is, they weren’t on the spot where I knew where to go down so we bush-wacked our way down a sort of path ^_^ and went off to answer nature’s call while the others bush-wacked their way down.

The previous times we were here, I had didn’t have a lot of time to explore as it was basically take pics and go.  Now I had the time and more sights I haven’t seen before!  ^_^ Happy days!

Back I go and breakfast is had.  Yum!


Before going even further down to the Bos, we had some fun in a hole ^_^ and then to The Spot.

It was so nice to actually spend time in that spot and everyone smiling and laughing and as happy as I am!

But as it goes, all good things must come to an end and go up to our things.  But before packing up though, we had group fun in a hole ^_^ and then it starts to drizzle lightly again.  J

Still sweeping as I’m still taking photos and say my farewells to the Bos.  It’s going to be some time before I do this hike again.  I do however want to take the guys up Suther Peak and Karbonkelberg’s old WW2 radar station J

Down the scramble we go and as the route is now mostly uphill, the newbies to the group are not as fast as the leaders and don’t see them again until we are back on the jeep track.

Crossing the sand dune and the wind picks up with gusto as predicted by weather reports!  Sheesh, our faces received a nice exfoliation and we back at the cars just before 11am with a flat battery lol.


It’s only then that I check tracking and read that a group was on the same path to Hout Bay.  The route we did back then, they did in reverse ^_^ Odd that we didn’t get them along the way but they must have not gone down to the Bos 400 where we were for an hour!  I did not realise we were there that long until I checked the time stamps on my pics now.


Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading J

PS – today (17th Feb) also happens to be the second anniversary since I started blogging ^_^

My First Blog – My Hiking My Life


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