Pipe Track

I know I’m late but It’s been way too hot to be blogging people. Actually wrote this last night (Wednesday) but then the internet went all moody.  I miss winter!  Hiking is a Winter Sport after all and we desperately need beneficial rain.  Like the freak electrical storm we had on Monday night that no weather app or weather station predicted ^_^ I was so happy that I danced and jumped around barefoot in the rain ^_^  while the thunder was clapping and lightning was striking.  I love stormy weather! Not because we are facing a severe drought with Level 3B Water Restrictions at the moment but for as long as I remember, I loved winter but I don’t love the cold when my fingers and toes start paining.


Anyway, at 7am I checked 14 pax, Pipe Track, ETA 11am into Mountain Tracking & Safety.  I didn’t have any destination in mind.  Just walk for 2 hours, have 15 minute break and walk back again.


Group photo at the start and off we go with me leading until I had to take photos.  It wasn’t long past the section being fixed up that my group was all scattered about and when I lost sight of the ‘leaders’, I messaged them to slow down as they are hiking way too fast for the beginner hikers.  All but one waited but he did wait where the pipe track meets up with the Jeep track as he didn’t know which way to go.  Someone needs to tell him how dangerous hiking alone is.  The Pipe Track being a mugging hotspot after all.  Safety in numbers.


Anyway, we hiked as a group and regrouped when need be.  I could also show my family (that knew about the Rescue Incident) where Blinkwater is.  And the sign that read ‘This path is closed – enter at your own risk’ I could also show them the various paths along the Pipe Track J  My favourite being Woody Buttress ^_^ But before getting there!  A huge tree has fallen and blocked the path!  It was a mission getting everyone over/under the tree haha!  We also had to take several photos on the tree of course!

Also got to explain the route Adam Spires ‘The Wanabe Vlogger’ took.  Up Kasteelpoort, detour to ‘The Surfboard’ then the long way to Tranquillity Cracks and back again.  It would have been easier to go up Corridor Ravine, detour to the Cracks and then the long way to the Surfboard and down Kasteelpoort.  As I explained to a group of hikers looking for the route – Told them to carry on until they can’t anymore.  The path is blocked off and from there go up the Ravine.

It’s past Woody Ravine and 3 Firs and up the steps.  The plan was to have breakfast at the overhang and messaged Lone Hiker to wait there.  But as the pace was slow going and assessing the area, my beginner hikers would not like that one bit!  As adventurous as it would’ve been.  They would’ve taken at least another 30 minutes to get there and we have already been hiking for 2 hours so it was time to break.  I told lone hiker to come back just as my battery died lol.  I also had to convince some cousins who have a phobia for dogs to come up to us but not before getting the dog owners to keep their dogs.  They don’t understand phobias.  You can tell those with phobias until they are blue in the face that their dogs are friendly, it won’t help one bit.  Also, your dogs are supposed to be on a leash anyway.  I mostly don’t have a problem with unleashed dogs but please do be more considerate to those who fear dogs.

Anyway!  Another cousin didn’t want to come up to us as she didn’t know we were to have breakfast so didn’t bring any snacks along!  What nonsense!  We always have enough for everybody!  Imagine I only bring koesiesters with for myself LOL!  She still didn’t want to come up so sent the koesiesters and snacks down to her.  Remember for next time, we don’t care if you don’t bring any snacks along, we gladly share our wares.  Besides, it makes our backpacks lighter so don’t want to carry our food all the way back again hehe.

Time to depart and another lady asks me if I’m Fatima and I say yes.  She recognises me from photos she’s seen on Facebook.  The other woman then says that she loves my photos on Instagram and loves my blog too!  I then ask if her name is Sadia and she says yes!  After she posted this lovely message and I was sooooooooooooo very flattered!  😀


Nasheta kindly brought her Power Bank especially for me to use so I could take photos again yay! ^_^ Think my power bank is as faulty as my phone battery sigh.

Off we go with me sweeping with the rest of the group far ahead but within eyesight and caught up with them again at The Tree.  We regroup here and there and hope that Lone Hiker took the right path off the jeep track.  Assumed he would as he waited for us a long time when we started so would know which way to go.


It’s also very hot now as we are facing the sun and just want to get back to the cars and pick up our pace.   We do however take shelter from the sun whenever there is a shaded spot. But of course now that we are facing the sun, my pics are all crappy lol.

Finally check out of tracking at 11:11am and take the compulsory pic of the bag of litter I collected along the way.  Even a 5l water bottle which I crushed to fit into the bag.

Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading J


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