Top Secret Lion’s Head Scramble

It’s so secret that we didn’t upload all our photos or give any clues as to where this scramble route is!  The more people find out about this route, the busier it will become and we selfishly want this route to ourselves.  Not like we are the only ones who know about it but those in the know aren’t sharing either.

Taahir will be leading this route and we are to meet at Lion’s Head at 17:30 Friday and to make it easier for Shaheen, I walk all the way from work to De Waal Park in 35°C weather!  Except that she was at De Waal Park before 5pm so came to pick me up outside Mt Nelson Hotel instead.  Would of been quicker than her waiting for me.  Thank you Shaheen!


What we didn’t expect was traffic up Kloof Nek Road but we guessed that people who came to Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour would be sightseeing.  Taahir was running late for this reason so I could first go an take photos of the Kramat while waiting for him.  Steven joined us as well ^_^

There was a fire around the Kramat about 2 weeks back and walking around, I noticed that not even the smoke blackened the walls or touched the shrines.

I think Taahir checked us into tracking at 17:45 and off the 4 of us mapping out possible routes as we point here and there and it’s hot!  Lucky I froze my water at work so could cool down when need be.

Finally on the path we wanted to be and it’s like Shaheen and I had amnesia and getting to familiar scrambles we are like hey!  We did this with MCSA Search & Rescue night training hike!  As it was night-time, we hadn’t a clue which route we were scrambling up then.

MCSA Induction night hike

We take a few photos at various lookout points before moving onto the next scramble.  We took another route with MCSA so everything here on in was new territory for Shaheen and me.  We also can’t get over how clear the day was!  How far we could see over the horizon!  No haze in the skies considering the blistering heat.

When the light started to fade!  OMG!  The sky hues!  Absolutely phenomenal!  2 days to full moon, the heat, the cloudless day and the time of the year could be contributing factors?  We’ve done Lions Head countless times but we were completely in awe of the Cape Town skies!

After taking a long while at a certain section, taking gazillion photos, we were running out of light and as we wanted to be on top by sunset, we really motored the rest of the way up!  My thighs were protesting as my muscles were cooled down by then and I groan with each exertion!

We unfortunately missed the sunset but still!  The post sunset sky hues!  Was also starving by then so could have my salad for supper lolz.  Yes, I decided to have salad as it was so hot! Shaheen and Taahir also checked out another scramble we wanted to try out but couldn’t see past a section so would not know what would be in store for us.  We will leave it till next time.

Steven also decided to leave us then and ran down.  I meant to pick up the litter on our way down but I left my packet in the car and it was too dark to carry bottles down as I needed my hands for stability.  Cannot see which rocks are slippery.

My phone takes horrible photos in the dark so taking photos of the city lights is pretty useless BUT I did manage to get one decent shot!


On our way down, we got another hiker I haven’t seen since Grotto Fountain/Cairn Traverse, the hike that I swore so much!  grotto-fountain-cairn-traverse That one scramble scared the profanities out of me!

I think we were down shortly before 9pm.  I didn’t check the time and my phone battery was low.  My phone surprisingly didn’t give too many issues on this hike so could take quite a few photos which made the night all the more wonderful!

Thanks so much guys!  Really enjoyed that so much!

Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading.




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