A Solo Trail Run – Constantia Nek to Skeleton Waterfall

The year has barely started and life is busy again and my week started with my son being robbed at gunpoint of his mobile phone on Monday morning.  He is fine (even after fighting them.  Even after they showed him that the gun was loaded).  I was more traumatised than him.

I ran on Sunday and today is Saturday and it’s the first time I have/ make time to sit in front of the laptop to write this blog.  My parents were supposed to leave on a holy journey to Mecca on Wednesday but due to visa issues, they are still waiting for the visa sigh.  So every day after work, its kitchen/serving duty for my siblings and me.


So anyway, last week was my dad’s 74th birthday and as we had a family lunch for him, I could not stay too long on the mountain, I decided to do a solo trail run.  I wanted to start as early as possible but not too early as I would be alone on the trail.  It comes with his pros and cons.

I get to the parking around 5:30am and get some of my old hiking buddies from my (old) club.  I no longer have time to hike with them so no longer belong to a club haha.  Although I will join them as a guest hiker when time allows.


Anyway!  I check in with Mountain Tracking and Safety with my route and ETA and off I go.  I was told to be vigilant and replied that I’m running with my pepper spray and whistle around my neck.  I tried not to take photos but alas, I got distracted by the dawn sky hues and sunrise.


I’m trying to get stronger and fitter so push myself up the gradual inclines which are still very hard for me and try to run more than walk.  Also!  My water was still frozen so could only sip as the ice defrosted sigh.  So could not push myself to my limits even if I wanted to.  Sigh.


I was mostly alone on the trail with a mountain biker and trail runner here and there and the odd hiker with their dog.  (not a leash mind you.  Out of around 50 dogs (I’m not exaggerating) I got on the trail, only 5 of them were on a leash).  I only stopped to slow down my heart-rate and take the odd photos here and there.

Between Kirstenbosch and Nursery Ravine, I got distracted by another unknown Ravine and saw paths going up to what is a Waterfall during/after rains.  We are unfortunately going through a drought at the moment with our dams critically low.  Even though I was pressed for time, I couldn’t help myself but to go and explore this area and take photos of course 😛

Back on the contour path and pass Nursery Ravine around 6:30am.


5 minutes later I am at Skeleton Waterfall (well these days it’s only waterfall during/after rains.  Back in the day, water ran all year round.  I update tracking and have left over pizza for breakfast hehe with a mosquito attempting to bite my leg.

It’s time to make my way back but not before getting distracted once again by tadpoles in pool of water.  😀


My water is still solidly frozen so couldn’t push myself as much as I wanted to and with every decline, my knee would bother me.  Also, a lot more people on the trail with their dogs now.  I stop and walk each time even though their owners assure me that their dogs are friendly.  I have a cat, my cat sleep on my bed and my clothes so a dog could not take lightly to me smelling like cat and attack me.  It hasn’t happened yet but you never know.


Oh yes!  On my way to the Waterfall, I picked up a plastic bottle strewn just off the path and picked it up and threw it on the path.  I would pick it up on my way back or hopefully, someone else would pick it up.  It was still laying there when I got back x_x  sigh so run with the bottle in my hand.


With mountain bikers now allowed on these paths, when they ride past, we breathe in the dust which is not a pleasant experience when one is breathing hard.  I’m happy for them that they have more paths to ride on since other paths are closed due to fires and erosion and other paths are mugging hotspots.  Too many bikers were robbed of their expensive bikes and even stabbed.  Happy for them but still an unpleasant experience for the rest of us when they loosen dirt.


Almost back at Constantia Nek and the dogs and their owners are in packs now and I walk the rest of the way.  I’m still not chancing a dog biting me even though I so much wanted to run. Especially since it started drizzling!  Not that I’m afraid of getting wet as I was soaked with my own sweat already lol but it was so much cooler now.  Also to trail run on the mountain must be a heavenly experience.

Almost at the car park and I pick up sweet wrappers here and there and a discarded coffee cup and check out of tracking shortly after 7:30am with a long tiring day ahead of me.


I had great mountain adventures planned for tomorrow but as my parents have not left yet, I have to do another quickie.

Until I have time to write my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading.


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