Myburgh Ravine

First off, it is with great pleasure to say that there was absolutely no litter on this hike, no lollipop stick or even a sweet wrapper!  ^_^

Faried has nagging me a while to do this hike and I kept saying yes yes, we will do it in winter as being the adventurous hiker that I am, it’s too easy to do in summer but I finally relented.  By the end of the hike I was thanking him profusely for nagging as I enjoyed this route tremendously.

Last I did this hike was almost 2 years back and back then it was severely eroded.  Myburgh Ravine 2015   It was closed for a while for rehabilitation and one had to get a permit.  I did tell the group that as I haven’t done this hike since the closure, the paths may have changed so we will start out exploring.

Anyway, 4 of us started promptly at 5:45am (sunrise) and up we go after group photos.  There’s a fallen tree blocking the path which is not a problem UNTIL, we see the fence.  We see the closed gate.  We see the keypad for a code to be punched in for access.  What now!?  I know that a permit is no longer required for this route so how are we going to enter?!  The security is nowhere to be seen L  Until I actually read the signboard haha.  We have to phone the advertised number for the access code haha.  When I phoned and asked them for the code, I got transferred a few times as it seems some people had no idea what/where Myburgh Ravine, Farriers Way, is.

Got the code, punched in the code and with relief, the gate opened and in we go!  Yay!  Up we go and couldn’t take pics of the sun rising behind the mountain as we were just about to go into the forest.  Not much has changed; just a whole lot drier and I didn’t even have to look for the paths as I knew which way to go.  Lots more photos ensued after discovering natures own frames.

I had to take a photo of a boulder that looked like a tree stump as it looked like someone sawed straight clean through it.  We looked about for the other half but didn’t see it.

First stop is the waterfall.  Not much of a waterfall but hasn’t been for a while now.  I don’t think I’ve done this hike in the heart of winter to have ever seen this waterfall in all its glory.


After several photos, it’s time for the one and only scramble before climbing the boulders up the gorge.


The highlight of this hike for me is the tree growing inside the mountain. (see previous blog as mentioned above)  I get to the spot, and there’s no tree! O_O Where is the tree????  I look around and finally realised that the tree lying across the ravine, wasn’t there before.   To my dismay!  It’s THE tree! The tree has fallen L I was heartbroken and wanted to cry!  I hugged the tree.

This gorge is another highlight of mine (as mentioned in blog above).  I was so shocked to see how dry it was!  Even the moss has gone dry.  This area was a whole lot greener!  Its now less shaded as well.   Evidence as to how little rain we’ve had L  At one of our rest stops, Shamiel points up to a pink flower high up!  It’s a DISA! I was so excited as I forgot its Disa season!  Behind a cairn, Momeena picks up a fallen Disa and I take photos as evidence that it didn’t pluck it and put it behind my ear 😀

The guys also make fun of me by finding their own tree as mine has fallen haha.   I had to find another.  I also find a branch/vine?  To swing from ^_^


We safely cross the ledge with a gap in the path before making our way out of the forest and up the most treacherous section.  A few years ago, coming down this route and with Faried behind, he slips and falls and I instinctively crouched, breaking his fall and probably saved both our lives as there was a nice drop off this section.


It’s slightly less eroded and wonder what rehab actually took place when they were closed for rehab.  The fallen tree perhaps? Or was it just closed for safety reasons.   Anyway, we tread carefully on our way up and spot Disas in the Ravine, off the path!  I must get closer to take photos but unfortunately, not from where we were.  Higher up though, I see the perfect spot with a whole lot more Disas!  Off I go and as I’m taking a long time with the photos, taking selfies as well haha, I tell them that they can go ahead and I will catch up with them up the path as I will be going up the ravine.


I eventually decided to catch up with them and they were long gone as I could no longer hear them.  I motor up now huffing and puffing.  I eventually see them making their way to Judas Peak and said to turn back as we will be having breakfast in the shade.

Going via Judas Peak down Llandudno Ravine is a whole lot safer but a whole lot longer.  We will make that trip another day and go down the same way we came up.  Being extra careful off course.  Still taking photos with my battery life depleting swiftly hehe.  I don’t care, photos are needed.


I gave the others a big fright when I screamed in fright, when I saw a big thing walking on me!  Turned out to only be a stick insect and I got a photo before gently flicking it off me.  It was a slow descent but was still way ahead of time.  My ETA for Tracking was 11:30am and I checked out at 10:30am.

Twas a wonderful hike after taking about 200 photos!  Thanks guys!

Until my next mountain adventure, ciao for now and thank you for reading J


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